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Our research program is one of the largest in the country for a community-based practice.

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The Center for Retina and Macular Disease has been serving Central Florida since 1991, providing expert, compassionate treatment for disorders and diseases of the retina.  We also specialize in comprehensive low vision care and participate in numerous clinical trials.   Our six highly-skilled physicians are dedicated to the highest standard of care and have been nationally recognized for patient care, education and research.

Since 2003, CareerSource Polk have recognized the Best Places to Work in Polk County through a competitive application process that honors employers who exemplify best practices in their workplace an d who are committed to…

LAKELAND | Dr. Mike Tolentino destroys any preconceived notion one might have about quiet, bookish, eye surgeon types who struggle to make conversation but are brilliant in the operating room or laboratory. Tolentino, 47, is a…

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