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Meet Blayne Pond. He a pleasant gentleman who has macular degeneration and is a long time patient of Dr. Sonya Braudway.   Mr. Pond demonstrates in this video how the equipment and treatment he has received from the Center for Retina and Macular Disease has helped him adapt to his vision loss, and continue his love of puzzle building.  Mr. Pond is always willing to share his experience and encourage others living with low vision.

Jason is a 34 year old accomplished violinist who has congenital nystagmus.  He has been a patient of Dr. Braudway’s since he was 15 years old. Jason has performed professionally in Nashville and was on the musical staff at Dollywood.  For his entire career, he was forced to study and memorize his music because his vision was too impaired to read from a music stand.

Here at the CRMD low vision program, Jason was fit in a special pair of glasses called a telemicroscope (seen here) which allows him enough magnification to read his music while playing his instrument.  He refers to his telescopic glasses as “life changing!”  He is now auditioning for more violin performances with the confidence and ease of reading music as he plays.  Congratulations Jason!  You are amazing!

Please join us on Monday, January 13th for a free seminar on living with macular degeneration. You’ll learn about new treatments and management techniques from Harvard-trained ophthalmologist Dr. Richard Hamilton.   The presentation will be held at the Waterfront Inn in The Villages.  Refreshments begin at 8:00 am, followed by the lecture and question and answer session at 8:30 am.   Please call 352-751-9999 to register.

Monday,  January 13th

The Waterfront Inn

1105 Lake Shore Drive • The Villages, FL 32162

Dean HCenter for Retina & Macular Disease