Dr. Michael Tolentino is the program chair for a Summer Educational Seminar on Saturday, July 16, 2011. The event will be held in Dothan, Alabama.

Dr. Tolentino, a retina specialist with CRMD, is also a featured speaker at the seminiar entitled, “Can My Vision be Saved?”

Guest speakers will be Dr.Marnix Heersink, a well-known ophthalmologist at Eye Center South, Dothan, Alabama, and Dr. Joseph Fontenot, Medical Director of Community Services for Vision Rehabilitation, with offices in Mobile, Fairope and Montgomery, Alabama.

The Summer Educational Symposium will cover all the latest treatments and information about macular degeneration, including genetic testing. Genetic Testing will be available for those individuals that show signs of macular degeneration or have been diagnosed with this disease.

For more information and details about registration, visit the Macular Degeneratation Association (MDA) website.